The Mauck, Mauk, Mock Families of the Shenandoah Valley

DNA Basics

Background - The Mock Family Historian Y-DNA Project

The Mock Family Historian (MFH) was a group of researchers working the various lines of Mauck, Mauk, Mock, and variations. The group started about 1990 and as members have passed away the MFH as an organization has slowly faded into history. Many members are still actively doing genealogy research on their own.

The DNA project started by the members of the MFH is still ongoing. The project began over 20 years ago when DNA for genealogy first became available. Since then there have been over 100 individual Y-DNA samples submitted for analysis and comparison. Comparing the DNA submissions to one another has revealed connections to the well researched and documented ancestors, the ancestor of other researchers who had also hit a dead end, and a few that still remain unidentified. With more submissions the matrix has come together more. This will continue as more DNA samples are submitted.

First, How Genealogy DNA Samples are Collected

This information is included first to avoid misperception's and/or misunderstandings while reading what follows. All DNA samples for genealogy DNA testing are collected using a mouth swab. You are provided with a container with a sterile swab along with instructions. The sample is collected by rubbing the sterile swab against the inside of your cheek. Then sealed in the container and submitted for testing.

Three Different DNA Tests for Genealogy - Which One?

The marketing by the various companies who offer DNA testing is tailored to attract customers to their particular company. Most of these companies have created a significant amount of confusion as to the information their DNA test will provide and it's accuracy. Most omit what it will not and cannot provide.

Different people have different interests when submitting DNA samples to one of the various companies who offer testing. What follows is a very brief synopsis of the three types of tests currently offered and what they can tell you.

The yDNA Test & How it is Used in Genealogy - We Stay with the Basics

The subject of DNA can be as complicated as you would like to make it. While the advanced level appeals to some folks most of us prefer the basics.

The test we use for this project tests a number of yDNA markers with the cost increasing with the number of markers tested. The greater the number of markers tested the tighter the connections become to others with matching markers but at a financial cost many cannot afford. The company used for this project has a 2019 pricing structure starting with the least expensive for 37 markers increasing incrementally for 67, 111 and 700 yDNA markers. With the option of upgrading to any of the higher numbers at any point in time for the price difference. The 37 marker test is a minimum with the 67 marker test recommended if you can afford it. The pricing and additional information can be found on the FamilyTreeDNA website by clicking here.

FamilyTreeDNA generates a list of DNA matches for you. The matches they provide you with explain the basics regarding the connections with the option of learning more should you wish to do so. Like any other web based service it requires a bit of exploring and learning but it's structured for simplicity with advanced being optional.

One of the options available is to "Join a Project". Our group is "Mock" with the administrator being Doug Mauck. As part of the group there are charts showing the yDNA markers adjacent one another identified by the kit number. Simply ask those FamilyTreeDNA has indicated as a match what their kit number is and you can compare their yDNA markers to yours. If there is a set of markers close to yours FamilyTreeDNA will already have notified you.

What the yDNA Test Will Not and Cannot Do

Had our ancestors left us samples of their yDNA theirs would link to ours. Since they didn't what your yDNA shows is others who have submitted yDNA samples and which are a close match to yours. Meaning other descendants of the same line. All genealogy DNA is only an investigative lead for research. But it can tell you where to focus that research based on the collective research of all your matches.

As an example, of all the Mauck, Mauk, Mock families mine and that of my matches points at one particular Mauk family who first appeared in 1763 near what is today Berryville, Clarke County, VA. None of the others in Northern Virginia or elsewhere. What I am missing is which grandson was the father of my 5th great grandfather. The haystack where that needle is hiding got a whole lot smaller.

Financial Assistance may be Available

If a "DNA Needed" message is at the top of a family page on this website it is a family I am interested in having a yDNA sample submitted by a male descendant for the purpose of the research I have done on these Mauck, Mauk, Mock families in Northern Virginia. My line is included in this bunch but my research has been much broader.

I am not a financially wealthy person. I live on a retirement pension, month to month. On the other hand, I am a dedicated researcher committed to furthering the research on our ancestors. If I can verify through documentation the person willing to submit the sample is descended from one of these Northern Virginia Mock, Mauck, Mauk families we do not have a Y-DNA sample for yet, financial assistance may be available. Those interested may contact me by clicking here.


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